Jeanologia guiding Indonesian textile industry

2017/08 09 12:08

Courtesy: Jeanologia

Courtesy: Jeanologia
The Spanish company specialising in garment finishing, Jeanologia, is guiding the Indonesian textile industry in its transformation to efficiency and sustainability by establishing its presence as an expert technology partner for production centres looking for products that are equally innovative and ecological. The company has clients in five continents. The Spanish company at a press meet at Bandung presented their revolutionary combination of laser, ozone and e-flow technology that replace traditional processes producing large amounts of contaminants and dangerous for workers and the environment. With the introduction of these global solutions based on clean technologies along with Jeanologia’s know-how, production centres are able to increase productivity, efficiency and reduce production costs. Currently, Indonesia generates two per cent of global jeans production and wants to be equipped with the innovation and technology that attracts big fashion brands, allowing competitive advantage over other Asian countries. Jeanologia specialises in identifying needs, finding solutions and supporting brands, manufacturers and laundries during the transformation process. The sustainable use of water is one of the company’s priorities and in Indonesia they have presented their revolutionary One Glass, One Garment. For the finishing of a pair of jeans, traditionally 70 liters of water is needed, with this new technology it is dramatically reduced to only one glass of water. According to Fernando Pérez-Narbón, area manager at Jeanologia, it is possible to have a sustainable production thanks to innovation and technology. He highlights “in the automotive industry they have managed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide due to innovation and the same is happening in the textile industry: with new technology, it is becoming possible to reducing water consumption and pollution”. He adds “we are living a revolution and giving added value to everyone involved: laundries, brands and final consumers”. One of the objectives of the press conference was to promote the Green Kosambi Mall, the shopping mall is dedicated to the textile industry and aims to become the hub for all companies of the industry. Local textile companies can come here to learn about and experience Jeanologia’s technology as they already have one of their lasers installed. The Green Kosambi Mall is located in the city of Bandung, the historical heart of the country’s textiles known for its denim. The Spanish firm is consolidating its presence in Indonesia where it has increased its post-sales services, providing the country with a technical team and consulting and training services from their brainbox experts. This allows them to accompany production centres throughout the process of transformation to sustainability and efficiency. Since 1993 their mission has been to improve the industry of garment finishing through their technology and know-how. Their laser, G2 ozone and e-flow system have revolutionised the textile industry. They offer endless design possibilities and garment finishes, while saving water, energy and chemicals, eliminating waste and toxic emissions. Currently the Spanish company has clients in five continents. The export of its machines and services represents 90 per cent of its total billing, reaching 60 countries including: Indonesia, the USA, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Portugal, India, China, Russia, Japan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Tunisia and Vietnam. (SV)

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