5-year project for cleaning Ganges launched in Kanpur

2017/11 21 07:11

Courtesy: Solidaridad Network

Courtesy: Solidaridad Network
Solidaridad Network Asia, Stahl, a leading global chemical company, PUM Netherlands, the Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam and some Indian firms recently launched a joint project to clean up the Ganges river. The project will contribute to the objectives of the National Mission for Clean Ganga and an agreement between the Uttar Pradesh government and the Netherlands. Launched in Kanpur on November 13 by Dutch ambassador to India, Nepal and Bhutan Alphonsus Stoelinga, the five-year public-private partnership’s focus will be to make the Kanpur leather cluster more sustainable by implementing new methods and cleaner technologies. The objective of project, led by Dutch non-profit Solidaridad and supported by the Dutch Government’s Sustainable Water Fund programme (FDW), is to reduce the effluent water discharged by at least 40 per cent and introduce alternative environment-friendly technologies and processes at tanneries, according to a Solidaridad press release. Stahl is the main private contributor and PUM provides technical assistance and training support from senior experts. Solidaridad, Stahl and PUM are working together with local partners such as the Uttar Pradesh Leather Industry Association (UPLIA), the Small Tanners Association (STA), the Central Leather Research Institute(CLRI) and the Ganga Pollution Control Unit (GPCU). Immediate beneficiaries will be 250,000 workers in the regional tanning and leather industry and 30,000 smallholder farmers who re-use the wastewater in agriculture and dairy farming. A Stahl-Solidaridad Center of Excellence will also be established to demonstrate more sustainable technologies. (DS)

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