Leonardi Milano gets ELSE Corp’s Virtual Retail Strategy

2017/12 06 14:12

Courtesy: ELSE

Courtesy: ELSE
Leonardi Milano, a fashion firm, has launched a crowdfunding campaign “Leonardi – TailoredBYyou.” The company has teamed up with ELSE Corp to adapt their Virtual Retail strategy that gives Mass Customisation and Industrial Made to Order; providing new innovative strategies for the sales, design, production, distribution, and marketing of fashion products. Elegance, craftsmanship, and Made in Italy are the values that characterise the brand, laying emphasis on quality, while bringing personalisation and convenience to the market at a cost, about 30 per cent lower than major luxury brands. Leonardi Milano sells high quality, personalisable, suits, footwear, bags, and accessories. Starting with their footwear range, using ELSE Corp’s else.shoes platform, the brand will offer clients an easy, quick and innovative product customisation experience, multiplied by a maximised customer loyalty. Currently, their stores are furnished with a 3D Foot Scanner which precisely gathers the measurements of each customer’s feet, reconstructing each foot in 3D in the cloud in a matter of seconds; and a cloud-based 3D Product Configurator, through which customers can choose the products and customisation options they want for their perfect custom-made shoes. To embark on this new journey, the company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Opstart, a crowdfunding platform, with forty-four days left to raise their €75.000 target. Leonardi Milano’s showroom in the fashion heart of Milan opened its doors recently to journalists, clients and VIP guests, to introduce them to their new project; shining a light on the innovative shopping experience they are proposing; while building awareness about their crowdfunding campaign. (GK)

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