Kraig Biocraft begins operations in new laboratory

2017/12 16 15:12

Courtesy: Kraig Biocraft

Courtesy: Kraig Biocraft
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc., a leading maker of genetically engineered spider silk based fibre technologies, has completed the build out of its new laboratory space in its new research and production centre. The company is a fully reporting biotechnology firm focussed on the commercialisation of textiles and high performance fibres like spider silks. The company expects to begin the testing of existing spider silk formulations and the construction of new formulations before Christmas under its ongoing contract with the US Army to develop and deliver high performance spider silk polymers for protective applications. In just over two weeks, the company has staffed and equipped a fully functional laboratory and is now in the process of developing the next generation of spider silk products. Consistent with the company’s ethos of efficiency and frugality, the lab was finished ahead of schedule, and under budget. Jon Rice, COO of the company said, “The opening of this new lab is a watershed moment for the company. Our new facility gives us the capacity to design, develop, and test new spider silk formulations, which give us the ability to rapidly develop new products going into 2018. We have brought on additional staff over the last 60 days, to take our ground breaking spider silk technology to the next level. Recent developments have reinvigorated our team, making us as excited today, as we were when we began our journey.” (GK)

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