Apparel firm Romanita selects Lectra fashion software

2018/01 07 08:01

Apparel firm Romanita selects Lectra fashion software

Romanita, Romania’s leading apparel manufacturer producing clothing for international brands that includes H&M, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, and Primark, has selected Lectra’s patternmaking software Modaris. Lectra is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for fabrics, leather, technical textiles, and composite materials.

Romanita’s first priority was to reduce fabric waste and improve operational efficiency by finding ways to cut large volumes of fabric faster and more accurately, and reducing machine downtime related to technical issues. After consulting with Lectra’s experts, the company decided to begin using marker-making software, Diamino, to create more fabric-efficient markers, and invested in two Brio automatic spreading machines and two Vector cutting machines for its cutting room. The new equipment and changes to their process cut down significantly on wasted time and material, reducing their error rate by 25 per cent and saving them 2 per cent in fabric. Romanita is so happy with the results that they have decided to replace their existing CAD solutions with Lectra’s patternmaking software Modaris, which will allow them to speed up their product development process.

After consulting with Lectra’s experts, Romanita decided to install two Brio spreading machines and two Vector cutting machines at its production facility. The new technology allowed them to cut larger volumes of fabric accurately in a shorter amount of time, with fewer quality issues and errors, so that less time was lost to time-consuming redos. The machines also reduced the number of personnel required to do menial tasks in the cutting room, which meant they were available to perform more added-value tasks elsewhere. Next, the company began using Lectra’s marker-making software, Diamino, to generate markers that made the most efficient use of fabric, attacking waste in pre-production before orders even hit the cutting-room floor.

As Romanita continues to grow its business, it has begun expanding its offer in response to customer demand for fully developed clothing collections, rather than straightforward production runs. With this in mind, the company has now turned its attention to optimising its product development process and is in the process of replacing its current CAD system with Lectra’s patternmaking software Modaris. (GK)

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