Lanxess to showcase leather chemical products at IILF

2018/02 01 09:02

Courtesy: Lanxess

Courtesy: Lanxess
Specialty chemicals company Lanxess will showcase its leather chemical products for manufacturing leathers for footwear, clothing, furniture and automotive industries at the India International Leather Fair in Chennai. There will be mineral and synthetic tanning agents, preservatives, retanning and softening technologies, dyes and upgrading products. The fair will be held during February 1-3, 2018. In addition to articles such as shoes, bags and garments, which demonstrate the versatility of leather in application and processing, Lanxess will also be presenting a model of a unique on-site manufacturing to create value from by-products directly in the tannery. Another highlight of the trade fair presentation will be innovative and patented technologies for the production of water-repellent through to waterproof leather. “Lanxess not only offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art technologies from its own research, but also innovative retanning systems that enhance the quality of the end products. In combination with our worldwide, competent technical support, customers are able to process hides and skins into high-quality leathers,” says Dr. Thomas Brackemeyer, head of the Organic Leather Chemicals business line in the Lanxess's Leather business unit. Fluctuating test results often lead to tanners using higher quantities of waterproofing chemicals than necessary to give a “margin of safety” above demanding specifications. Traditional waterproofing chemicals are based on fatliquoring agents, which means that offering excessive amounts causes other problems such as excessive softening of the leather. This increase in softness needs to be compensated, for example by adding more retanning agents. This in turn can increase the hydrophilic character, which needs to be compensated by adding more waterproofing agents, and so on. With the correct beamhouse and wet blue processing and using fatliquor-free chemicals the waterproof performance can be optimised leading to savings in both time and costs. For this purpose, Lanxess’s portfolio comprises Levotan W and Levotan WRP which are both completely 100 per cent fatliquor-free. Levotan W is a patented functionalised silicone containing microemulsion. It can be used, with Levotan WRP, to manufacture all types of leather requiring waterproofing especially upper leather for example hiking boots and golf shoes but with high water vapour permeability, which translates into greater wear comfort. Leather made with this product displays a fine tight grain, light weight and a natural feel. Levotan W also yields high and reproducible results in Bally and Maeser dynamic tests as well as static water absorption. It offers high stability and avoids the risk of premature precipitation due to low pH, hard water or other electrolytes present in retanning, eliminating the risk of staining. The system gives excellent dyeing properties, including a high level of colour uniformity – across different batches and all kinds of hides and skins. The dyeing between flesh and grain is tone-in-tone, making it ideal for all types of waterproof leather, including nubuck. Levotan WRP offers excellent product stability, even in cold water. It is indispensable for medium to firm leather and is even suitable for military applications articles with a tight grain. Even with relatively high application rates, the leather does not soften significantly. Levotan WRP has a very good penetration and distribution. Furthermore, an excellent, uniform dyeability is achieved. The treated leathers are characterised by a high filling, fastness and resistance to migration. The Leather business unit at Lanxess has developed a production plant in cooperation with the Leverkusen-based research institute INVITE, with the aim of producing X-Biomer retanning agents from collagen-rich by-products that accumulate during leather-making and from organic biomass. The plant features a modular design and is intended for use directly on site and in place at tanneries. A model of the plant is also being displayed at the show. The company will also display Baygen Compact HC EXP 2195, a ready-to-use base coat compound for all kinds of patent leather finishes. Baygen Compact HC EXP 2195 has a very good covering power, good fullness and low tackiness at stacking and during plating, together with very good adhesion and flex performance. (SV)

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