Green production aim of Vietnam’s garment-textile sector

2018/04 22 05:04

Vietnam needs clean, green, energy-saving production technology in the textile and garment sector to improve competitiveness, discussed a recent workshop in Ho Chi Minh City. The sector is under pressure related to price, production costs, environmental safety and workers’ health, according to Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association chairman Vu Duc Giang. The sector spends up to $3 billion on energy needs for production every year, a Vietnamese news agency quoted DucGiang as saying. Tal Apparel Limited’s dyeing factory has applied energy-saving solutions since 2009, cutting 26 per cent of emissions and 36 per cent of water used in production, company general director Joerg Bauersachs said. The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has partnered with the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) to improve garment and textile firms’ energy-saving capacity, helping them access loans to carry out energy-saving projects, said USAID representative Nguyen Thanh Ha, who also underlined the need for enterprises to revamp their production processes towards international standards for emissions and waste administration. (DS)

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