Sanpower to bring top Chinese brands to Europe through HoF

2018/04 22 05:04

China’s Sanpower Group has launched a supply chain programme to bring premium Chinese brands to Europe and the rest of the world through the House of Fraser (HoF), a subsidiary of Sanpower holding Nanjing Cenbest. The programme, which supports Beijing’s 'Belt and Road' vision, was launched at the first Sanpower Global Supplier Conference in Nanjing last week. The 'Belt and Road' initiative aims at boosting trade and stimulate economic growth across Asia and beyond. Under the programme, the new Sanpower Supply Chain and Branding Management Centre will undertake and manage HoF’s trade orders, increasing the breadth and depth of in-house products and shorten product development cycle and delivery. As the traditional image associated with ‘Made in China’ items is changing, increasing numbers of high-quality Chinese products are becoming popular with British and European consumers, a Sanpower press release quoted an UK-based HoF spokesman as saying. Sanpower Group has stakes in healthcare, department stores, consumer technology, culture and entertainment, financial services, high-tech manufacturing, data management and property management. (DS)

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